Star Trek goes Beyond

mv5bmtu0odk1mtixm15bml5banbnxkftztgwntk3mtc5ode-_v1_sy1000_cr006401000_al_Growing up, I wouldn’t call myself a Star Trek fan. There was always this thing at school – this reoccurring discussion between young males who possessed a gene that automatically attracted them to anything science fiction. You either fell into the Star Wars or Star Trek camps – subscribing to both was out of the question. I fell into the Star Wars camp, but I was never one of those people who felt inclined to rock up a movie premiere in costume – I was content to merely enjoy the movies for what they were – and harbor a secret man-crush for Harrison Ford of course.

But Star Trek – if Star Wars was space opera, Star Trek was space adventure. Always light-hearted and fun with a cast of familiar characters solving space-problems with technological mcguffins. Need more boost in your phase pulsar? Just add neuro-lathed kryithium – duh.

Star Trek Beyond was very much a genuine Star Trek experience – and the best of the three new movies. I quite enjoyed the first Star Trek movie but found the second to be average (although I do think I also over-analysed it). Beyond was different. The plot was largely throw-away but I felt that the new cast of characters (established in 2009’s Star Trek) really hit their stride. In the two movies prior they came across like they were trying too hard to do justice to the original line-up, but in Beyond, they felt like they’d finally became those characters. My favourite I think was Bones, played by the awesome Karl Urban (please go make Dredd 2 now thx), whose banter with Zachary Quinto’s Spock was highly enjoyable. And kudos also to Chris Pine, whose Kirk constantly reminded me of oldschool William Shatner.

As mentioned, the plot was mostly forgettable but the look and feel of the movie was very much a Star Trek adventure flick. I particularly like the way they continue to use original sound effects (such as the distinctive blip of the sensors), and the classic Star Trek sliding doors. The Enterprise appears modern yet old-school – a definite achievement.

If there’s one thing that ties the three movies together it’s the Enterprise getting its ass kicked. Having enjoyed many of the original movies and watching the Next Generation late at night during my school years when doing homework –  I don’t ever recall the Enterprise copping such a pounding as in these recent movies. But hey – in the far flung future, building starships ain’t so difficult, right?

The movie was highly enjoyable and if you enjoy a good sci-fi romp, I recommend Star Trek Beyond.


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