The Monkey King 2!

I just noticed today that the sequel to 2014’s decidedly average The Monkey King has just opened in cinemas to coincide with Chinese New Year. Despite the first one being seriously meh, with some seriously even more meh special fx, I’m pumped to see this one. I am definitely a Sun Wukong fanboy – it’s been one of my favourite parts of Chinese culture (well Chinese mythology) for a very long time – right back to the Japanese TV show Monkey Magic <insert Monkey Magic theme music here>.

This time round Sun Wukong is played by Aaron Kwok, Donnie Yen having hung up his monkey boots. I really like Donnie Yen but I wasn’t much of a fan of him in the first movie – or maybe it was just that the movie around him was crap. Either way, I’ll check this out later in the week (probably a solo movie mission) and will report back.

In other Monkey King related news, if you want to see a really, really good moving – go check out Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons by the amazing Stephen Chow – that is a brilliant and often times hilarious take on the age old classic.


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