I finally got around to seeing The Princess Bride. I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact that I enjoy movies/tv shows/books of a science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction as a whole  – but I see so many people, be they authors of the above genres or just fellow readers/writers like myself, list this particular movie as one of their favourites.

And now thanks to good old Netflix I have also seen it – but I do wonder why this one ranks so highly. I suspect it’s largely nostalgic. These kinds of older popular movies are great when we’re younger (this one was released in 1989) and don’t tend to stay as good over time. In the minds eye of the former fan though they’re great, and any amount of re-watching is normally tainted with those rose-coloured glasses.

It reminds me of the old Dragonlance novels I read as a young teen – I expect if I reccomended them to someone now, they’d be every bit as campy/corny/stereotypical as I expect they are, and yet in my mind they’re still some of my favourite old books – books that influenced a childhood me.

I did enjoy The Princess Bride though. From the Dragon’s Lair’esque trumpety music to the dinky costumes. Somehow the only scene I had seen previously was Andre the Giant rocking up with four white horses – something that was still a bit WTF. But I did enjoy it – particularly the masked pirate lover chasing down his woman and besting the Spaniard, Andre and that other dude with skill, strength and wit accordingly.

Anyhow the main thing is I can now tick it off. The other blast from the past that people keep looking at me in disgust for now having seen is the Usual Suspects. One day….one day.



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