Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Don’t worry, there be no spoilers here.

Like most people, I was beyond pumped to finally see the new Star Wars movie. Thanks to the prequel disappointments, I had largely fallen off the Star Wars bandwagon, but in the lead-up to this one, I rediscovered my love of the original trilogy. But that only increased the odds of the new movie sucking, as how can anything compare to the originals?

But the thought of seeing Han Solo again… To be honest, I was worried I might just randomly burst into tears of pure fanboy joy when I first saw him, but alas, twas not the case.

I’ve since seen the movie twice now – once in a regular cinema, the second time in IMAX. While both were in 3D, the IMAX experience was definitely superior, and if you’re that one person on the planet who hasnt seen the movie (ie: my wife!), shell out the extra dollars for the super screen experience!

Overall – I really enjoyed the movie. The first time around it was a bit hard to absorb, missing things like the new John Williams soundtrack and many of the smaller character nuances. Second time around I picked up more of these and felt it a more enjoyable experience overall. There have been complaints that the movie is basically A New Hope revisted, and while it can’t be denied, I think it’s not so much sticking to a tried and true formula, but in a sense acknowledging those original movies and opening the door for future titles in the series.

I will admit that where things had gotten to some 30 years afte Return of the Jedi weren’t exactly how I imagined them, or how I hoped things would end up, and I think the new First Order and Resistance pale in comparison to their Imperial and Rebel original entities, but overall, it was a really enjoyable movie.

Perhaps the most stand-out part of them (in addition to spending some quality time with returning characters), was the new additions of Rey and Finn. Both of them were brilliant, and along with the charismtic pilot Poe – I look forward to spending more time with them. Oh and a special mention to BB-8 – aka the new droid. This little soccer ball thing conveyed so much spirit and emotion that it’s hats off to the animation team behind him (although I believe he was physically in it and remote controlled for lots of it!). Which leads me to comment on the use of practical effects over a greenscreen wonderland (the prequels) – it made all the difference.

Next stop: Rogue One!

ps. the 4 IMAX posters are simply killer


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