WTF is Patreon?

I recently became aware of this new site called Patreon which is essentially a Kickstarter’esque way of directly supporting artists and creators across a whole range of mediums. Unlike Kickstarter (which seeks to collect funds and then go ahead and produce something), Patreon allows you to ‘patronise’ creators directly and effectively buy what they’re working on as it’s made.

Patreon has everything from graphic novels to serial stories, narrated poetry, music – right the way through to professionally produced tabletop gaming battlereports!

A good friend of mine – Michael Grey has just launched a new story of his through Patreon entitled Brood Parasites. It’s essentially a steampunk tale set in the fictional city of Dunhelm – and having read an early draft I have to say it’s pretty bloody good.

You may already have heard of Mike as he’s had a number of successes with his shorter fiction, particularly having shown up in various anthologies such as the recent The Boar’s Head in Once Upon a Christmas anthology from Christmas Press Picture Books or the awesome 1884, in Ghostwoods Books’s Cthulhu Lives!

But if you’re a fan of steampunk I really do encourage you to check out him out on Patreon, for not only are you gaining early access to what is really an awesome story – but you’re also watching it being written.

You can also find Mike over at

Brood Parasites


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