Chapter 2….and a lil map making

Alright so I think I’ve finally escaped from chapter 1…having only re-written it a handful of times. I’ve realised that in order to map out this world, I need to just start writing or risk being stuck in the permanently planning phase – though I have also come to the realisation that the starting chapter(s) need to be solid enough of a platform to spring off from as regardless of how many times I re-write it in the future, if I don’t start off on the right foot it can potentially taint everything that comes after it.

In this case a minor character has changed from female to male, the protagonist has changed from a crying sap to a more typical hold it in type and I’ve been able to put some names on various plot elements and locations.

Onwards and upwards!

In other news, I’ve been watching this series of YouTube videos on map making and damn if they’re not fantastic. Check out the below video for a really straight-forward method of mapping with little to no Photoshop skill. Much kudos to Jessica Khoury – also be sure to check out her website!


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