Morning Pages……fail.

Ok, ok, so Morning Pages didn’t work for me. I gave it a solid crack for a couple of days and then threw in the towell, partially because out of curiosity, I contacted Julia Cameron and asked her if the idea was specifically for longhand writing, or whether you could type it out.

Oddly enough, it was what I assume her assistant that replied, saying that it really should be done longhand, as you do it slower, consider more about what you’re writing, and that’s the key.

Well – doing it sneaky styles in an office while I drain my morning coffee – a notepad just wouldn’t work for me. Firstly, I have nancy hands that tire much much quicker then they should! And secondly, I don’t feel as inclined to let my wander like it did while typing – because there’s a written record!

My first attempt went ALL over the shop – from depression work complaints, to lamenting ex-girlfriends to a curry I cooked recently. That shit shouldn’t be seen by!

I guess the long and short of it is, writing exercises just aren’t for me. Although talking about writing exercises, I have finally, *finally* completed my first short story. After a ridiculous amount of drafting and finally an almost complete re-write, I feel that it’s there.

And now, to get it out there!

The things I have learned in this drafting however (which was the main reason I allowed myself to spend so much time on it) was worth it however. But that’s for another day. As I have posted previously, I would like to write further about this process, and really break it down. But until then…


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