It’s all in a header.

So you may be wondering, (not really, as no-one really reads this other than the odd Google straggler) what is that header image? Just some random cityscape? No!

It’s Tokyo.

You see, I have something of a love affair going on with Japan. Quite simply, I love everything Japanese – from the food to the culture to the history. I’ve only travelled there once – for my honeymoon no less, but have been into it since I was just a wee boy.

That photo was taken from my hotel in Shiodome – the suburb beside flashy Ginza, and just around the corner from the famous Tsukiji  fish market where the gigantic bluefin tuna go for gigantic dollars.

Looking out across the city, past the illuminated Eiffelesque Tokyo tower, you could see a mountain range in the background. For the first few days it was just that mountain range, and then one day….there was another whitecap that appeared above it. I double-taked (double-took?) the first time I saw it, but no, that’s Mount Fuiji! I grabbed my wife, Mount Fuji! Mount Fuji! *point point*

For much of the year, Mount Fuji is completely hidden by clouds, but perhaps, in some omen indicating i should embrace Buddhism, Fuji-san decided to reveal himself to me – yes me.

In the early evening, it became the most beautiful silhouette – and the result is what you see in that header image. I chose it because of my adoration for this amazing country – be still my beating heart – and moreso, because it inspires me.

*edit – 17 Sept 2015 – and the header is gone – if you missed out well – we cant have everything in life can we?


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