So You Want To Be a Writer – the podcast.

In recent times I’ve become something of a writing podcast fiend. I find that by listening to them, it’s not simply mobile entertainment while I walk to work, but with writing podcasts in particular, my mind wanders to my own work, often getting the creative juices flowing.

I’ve written previously about Writing Excuses, a fantastic podcast covering every element of writing – but a newcomer has appeared on the scene, and refreshingly, it’s Australian.

Alison Tait and Valerie Khoo (both successful authors and journalists) helm So You Want To Be a Writer, what they describe as:

Bringing you the latest in news, opportunities, trends – and maybe even a bit gossip – in the world of writing, blogging and publishing.

There’s 13 episodes released so far, and with around 10 under my belt I have to say, it is a highly enjoyable cast. It starts out as a bit of a natter between the two hosts, covering what they’ve been up to in the writing world, usually followed by an in-depth interview with the likes of authors, publishers or editors. They discuss anything from the drafting process, to creating an author platform to meeting deadlines.

For anyone interested in becoming a writer, or even just what’s going on in the writing world, I highly recommend this podcast. Also grab yourself a copy of the app Downcast- it’s far superior to Apple’s iOS equivalent – and free!


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