The secret of sleeping on planes

I recently discovered the secret of sleeping on planes. I have never been able to sleep on trains or planes. It’s just one of those things I guess comes from living a somewhat privileged life (you know – the regular warm comfy bed thing). I just can’t sleep when it’s bumpy, noisy, light or all of the above, and have always envied the Chinese ability to sleep anywhere.

But that has changed!

I recently read an article which listed a number of tips for sleeping on planes, and being an avid traveller, I took all of them on board. But the one that worked for me though was quite simple – music.

Yes, music! The article recommended listening to music you were so familiar with that you paid no attention to the words and simply drifted off. For me, as a big fan of Asian music (and not being able to understand it), I whack on the plane provided headphones, find one of the Chinese albums on the inflight entertainment and away I go.

It’s also important to use a face mask for darkness. With this combo, I sit back into my chair and just listen to the music. Because I’m tired, uselessly bolstered by a scotch and coke and can’t understand the music, it’s inevitable that I’ll zone out – and voila, usually wake up a good 4-5 hours later with a ridiculously stiff neck.

It’s not rocket science, but I feel the need to share this tip because I swear to god, it works. I’ve successfully slept on two long-haul flights now, and god, what a difference even just a few hours makes.

If you’ve had similar success, I’d love to hear of it.


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