Twitter – the great unexpected

When Twitter exploded onto the scene, I really looked at it with something resembling scorn. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with social media. I was lured onto Facebook by a co-worker, but after several years using it, found myself checking it every 30 seconds, and worse, found myself hating it. I grew to the point where almost everything other people were saying was irritating me. Things such as name dropping whatever location they were currently at, to what their baby has just eaten, to their latest discovery in Farmville.

I was so utterly over seeing it – so closed my account and have not looked back. While I do miss it in some ways – as it was a great means of keeping in touch with previous workmates who I really have no other means of contacting them – in the end it was a good decision.

Enter Twitter.

Twitter was something I would never have imagined using – or moreso – liking. But I do, I really do.

I joined Twitter on another recommendation as a way to tap into ‘the writing world.’ Initially that was just keeping an eye on various fiction magazines, looking out for submission calls, that kind of thing. I followed several hundred people, from authors to magazines to famous celebrities, and soon discovered my list was an absolute joke. There were far too many tweets for me to possibly keep track of. I’d refresh my list and have another 25 updates – another 50 – it would never end.

I ended up dumping most of them, culling it down to mostly just magazines and authors – the odd celeb here or there. The result has been much improved.

Since starting to use Twitter, I’ve found it not only a good way to see what’s going on in the writing world – but in fact, the world. When events happen, nowhere has more up to the SECOND information, than Twitter. I have used it for things such as news on the missing MH370 plane, monitoring Australian politics, right the way down to seeing whether other people have lost their internet in my area.

It’s actually quite amazing how useful it has become to me.

While I don’t really feel that I have made any extensive connections through it, it’s certainly given me hours upon hours of quality reading – particularly on the writing articles front.

I’ve found that by deleting people who spam their self-published books, culling people who advertise period, and leaving the remainder who don’t, it’s turned into a really valuable tool for me.


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