Hello and welcome to the first post!

I guess this is a something of an auspicious occasion for any new blog, as the writer sits before an empty screen and tries to think of something witty to say. I am no different of course, though as I have experienced several times previous – with both writing and blogging, the hardest part is beginning, and well in that regard, consider this post the leaving of the starting block.

There is approximately a gazillion and one blogs out there, and this one will be my third – well fourth, if you count my futile attempt at a food blog; of which I quickly realised I preferred to enjoy my meals, rather than photograph, dissect and analyse them.

I was introduced to the world of blogging with Team Wuxi is go! Effectively the chronicle of my time spent living and teaching in China. Followed by Life After China, devoted to my love and appreciation of all things Chinese thereafter.

Blogging has always been an outlet for me to both express my thoughts, and an excuse to write. I have written in various capacities ever since I was young, though it has not been until recent years where I have really began to study the craft of writing itself.

One of the most surprising things I discovered about writing craft was just how much I enjoyed studying it. Absorbing everything from published books on the subject, to online articles, podcasts and even participating in online forums, discussing it with like-minded individuals, I have reached the point in my life where my only way forward is to actually write.

There are various pieces floating around online that I have written as a freelance writer, but my new writer’s journey is one solely based on writing fiction. This is a new direction for me, and one of which I have already commenced. At the time of this writing, I have already completed (or very close to completing) my first short story, and man, has this been an eye-opening experience for me.

The purpose of this blog is to not only focus on my own writers journey, but to hopefully share news of my own success (assuming I have any!) but also pass back some of the information I have learned along the way. I hope to share with you some of the resources I have used and found of value, so that you too can become as addicted to the study of writing craft as I have.

For now, I hope that you enjoy your time here, and please do post a comment, or share your own discoveries, tips and successes.


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